Japan Travel Expert & Travel Planner

Marian Goldberg, as the former Public Relations Manager for Japan (11 years) and the US Representative to the City of Kyoto (2 years), has traveled to Japan more than 40 times, has intimate knowledge of and contacts in the country, and will help you plan a memorable and rewarding Japan dream trip. Goldberg on Travel's Japan itinerary consulting includes: specialized guides, artisan and local expert meetings, accommodations and restaurant recommendations and reservations, transportation scheduling and rail pass purchasing, hands-on traditional activities with noted sensei (tea ceremony, ikebana, paper-making, sweet-making, indigo dying, etc.), and financial, logistical, and cultural tips and explanations to make your trip enlightening, personally meaningful, and hassle-free.

Marian has assisted media traveling to Japan including writers and producers for: Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Roads + Kingdoms, the History Channel, The Travel Channel, the Food Network, and many more.

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Please contact her at marian@goldbergontravel.com